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Eternal Love by PrinceWarrenWolfson Eternal Love by PrinceWarrenWolfson
Oh, look, I drew Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. ...I love her. *swoons*

Yeah, I also dressed up as her for Halloween but I have no good pictures yet so I need to dress up as her again and upload some good ones.

Made for this contest: [link]

Anyway, some historical explanation:

Louise was loved by almost everyone. She was beautiful, intelligent, charitable, and warm. Blücher and Czar Alexander were both rumored to be in love with her. Most of all, she was loved by her husband Frederick William III and king of Prussia. I decided to draw a bunch of points of their life (and yes, I drew Frederick William in his youth even though he'd be much older but bleh. :P) so that's why there are so many pictures.
I drew the loving couple in the front, I drew them kissing in the top-left corner and then the rest is a lot more meaningful.
The bottom-right corner has Louise make cornflower chains. This was what Louise did to calm their kids down when they were on the run from Napoleon. I think it's a lovely distraction and I believe it is why the cornflower became Prussia's national flower (it's Germany's too, right?).
I drew Frederick William crying because of Louise's premature death (it's speculated to be caused throat cancer). This is also why I have Louise grabbing her throat, the cancer and all. I have Frederick William trying to console Louise and trying to convince her to plead to Napoleon (which she eventually did) for looser restrictions on Prussia once he had just conquered. The gray thing is Louise's statue that is on her coffin. The Iron Cross is actually the Order of Louise, first class. This award is the female version of the Iron Cross, made in honor of Louise by her grieving husband.
The other two people in this picture are Frederick William's second wife (Auguste von Harrach) and Napoleon. Napoleon's there because he seems to be the only person to hate Louise and she hated him. He's a pretty important figure in the royal couple's lives. I put Auguste to sort of symbolize Frederick William III's words, "Womanly companionship and sympathy have become necessary to me, therefore I must marry again." He said this because he did not really want to remarry. He would always be Louise's husband. She died in his arms and after his death he was buried beside her.

To show how important she was:

"Our saint is in heaven" ~Count von Blücher

"[the king] has lost his best minister" ~Napoleon

"a female celebrity who in the mind of the public combined virtue, modesty, and sovereign grace with kindness and sex appeal, and whose early death in 1810 at the age of only thirty-four preserved her youth in the memory of posterity." ~Christopher Clark (OMG, the book Iron Kingdom is SO GOOD!)

Background texture: [link]
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
Oh cool pic, I love Luise, she was a strong and cool woman! It´s so sad, that she couldn´t see when the peoples of Europe won against Napoleon...
PrinceWarrenWolfson Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I wish she had been able to celebrate the victory at Waterloo. During Halloween when I was dressed as her I ran into a kid who was dressed as Napoleon. XD It was awkward.
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
AHAHAH, the late revenge of Luise XD
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